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tv   [untitled]    March 7, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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things -- one i find it difficult to deal with this method of funding the nonprofits because it doesn't allow us to weigh these needs compared to some of the other needs that some of us are facing and i find it diss general i diss ingenuo u.s. and i think i did clearly say as many of my colleagues have that we look forward to looking at this in a more holistic and balanced fashion in the very much impending budget cycle. >> i'm still not entirely clear. i don't think that anyone here is being diss general i diss engenuo u.s. but the point i'd make is that people always say these things, you know, that the fact that
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you are voting against an item it impacts a number of people and i appreciate that but i know from the perspective of the worker the most important document that we put forward as a board of supervisors, it's the budget and it's important not only because there's money attached to it, it's important because it really reflects the policy priorities of this board of supervisors and to that extent, it does represent the value that we place on specific items on specific issues that are important to us and i think that it does unfortunately even with the intent is not to to do that, it does send the wrong message to our workers that you are not valid enough to actually get a cost of living adjustment and i actually think that's that's
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unfortunate and the reality is as important as this process is at the end of the day process does not pay the rent and process does not put food on the table and what we're talking about here is making sure that we help people who are struggling be able to pay their rent, be able to put food on the table i think it's that drastic and dramatic but that's the reality of san francisco for these workers and it's unfortunate that it doesn't seem like today you are going to get something that should have happened a long time ago. >> supervisor christensen. >> i've got constituents in my neighborhood that aren't making anything that don't have anything and the point 75 percent the 3 the $3 million we're talking about here could
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mean a lot to them, too so what this referendum has forced me to do is choose between them and other people both of whom i care about very much and i'd like to to do that in a forum where we can weigh those choices very carefully and for anyone to suggest this is a cold hearted dismissal is certainly not fair but i do think -- i wasn't here for the previous sessions and i wasn't here for some of the votes that you were discussing. i'm here now and let's talk about the budget going forward and long-term solutions and then, if you or someone else wants to judge my intentions at that point i'll be happy to stand by my actions. >> thank you supervisor and just a few comments i'd like to make about this particular item i i won't be supporting it today and i ran a nonprofit organization in this city for
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10 years and i remember getting the cola from the city and it was really exciting but i wasn't required by the city to utilize that for staff raises and i think to to imply this money is going to increase the amount of money that the nonprofit workers make in this city is not actually accurate nor can we require if we were to provide a cola, i think that there's a more in-depth discussion that needs to take place if we're talking about valuing workers then understanding how these increases are going to directly impact the workers and i think also there's a budget process that exists and has already begun and this is more of an appropriate discussion in the budget process and i'm excited my colleagues are open to more
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of a permanent solution i think it's unfortunate that we go through this year after year after year and if we're talking about a cola increase we're talking about an increase to the organization and not an increase to the to the salaries of these workers and that's the reality of it. >> supervisor kim. . >> president breed did bring up an important point. it's true they can use it for their operating fund but i just have to say our nonprofits are struggling period they are struggling to stay in the city to even provide services to the very people that make no money that we're talking about and the very people and communities where we're trying to prevent violence so i just think this is so important and rent is going up and our nonprofits are struggling to stay here. this
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cost of doing business whether it goes to the workers or the organizations to be here they play an important role in supporting the very people who have nothing they are their advocates and organization ers and they provide them information so they know how to file their complaints to the police department and if you call the hotline to say you have been sexually assaulted they come and these folks do all of the things that we're talking about and we're trying to juggle and balance versus all of these other needs we have in the city budget and we have 22 $22 million that that that we weren't expecting that came into our budget this year. we made cuts on top of cuts and it really really hurt and
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supplementals were always a tough conversation they were all needed but couldn't fulfill them and we finally have this opportunity to do this and it should have happened in june we just never have a complete picture of our fiscal revenue at that time that's a structural issue we deal with every year and i hope we don't have another hearing. i don't think we need to talk about that anymore we've been talking about that for a long time i just think this is important. i know that the writing is on the wall, it's not going to pass but it's really hard for me to hear i think many of the comments being made today i think i just think the supplemental is important and i think this small dollar amount and if you are making fifty or a or a hundred dollars more a year that's going to help pay for your utilities that's going to matter and that's not
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insignificant. i hope we take care of this ordinance. >> thank you supervisor kim supervisor avalos? >> just very briefly this morning i had a conversation with the controller's office about this very issue and i had a sense of how the vote appears to be going down as it appears right now and it's a complicated issue there are nonprofits that can pay higher salaries with the cola and so what i'd like to do is to work with eric mar so we can actually have a hearing to really start to tackle this
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issue not wait until the june budget process but really start a conversation with the mayor about this cola and what's it going to take to make it happen. how do we see different departments face this problem with their nonprofit contractors and that would be a really great discussion to have to initiate that conversation but when we needed the political will to actually have the cola resolved once and for all. >> thank you. madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> supervisor farrell no. >> supervisor kim aye. >> supervisor mar aye. >> supervisor tang no. >> supervisor wiener no. >> supervisor yee aye. >> supervisor avalos aye. >> president breed no.
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>> supervisor campos aye. >> supervisor christensen no. >> supervisor cohen no. >> there are five ayes and six noes. >> this ordinance fails. >> item 7 is an ordinance to amend the environment and administrative code for a construction minimization plan and to require controls on emission producing equipment outside of such zones. >> madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> supervisor farrell aye. >> supervisor kim aye. >> supervisor mar aye. >> supervisor tang aye. >> supervisor wiener aye. >> supervisor yee aye.
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>> supervisor avalos aye. >> president breed aye. >> supervisor campos aye. >> supervisor christensen aye. >> supervisor cohen aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> this ordinance passed unanimously on the first reading madam clerk, can you at this time we are going to go to our committee reports. item number 8. >> item 8 and 9 were considered by the government audit and oversight committee. >> can you call item 8 and 9 together? >> a resolution to receive and approve annual reports from the know noe valley.
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>> without objection these resolutions are adopted unanimously madam clerk can you please call item number ten. >> considered by the rules committee at a regular meeting on thursday and were forwarded as committee reports. sabrina hernandez and terms. >> this motion without objection this motion is approved unanimously next item please. >> item level a motion to approve the mayor's nomination to reappointment. >> without objection this motion is approved unanimously. next item please. >> item 12 motion to approve
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the mayor's nomination of richard johns for the un expired portion of a a 4-year term. >> without objection this motion is approved unanimously. >> item 13 please. >> a motion to approve the mayor's nomination of karl hausz of a 4-year term. >> without objection this motion is approved unanimously. >> item 14. >> motion to appoint theodora marie caminong to the entertainment commission. >> i just want to weigh my enthusiastic support and this has been important to district 6 and also our residential mixed use neighborhoods in
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which they reside. i personally witnessed the important role that the commissioner and the neighborhood can play to help ease tension between residents and night life venues that live side by side in our city. . i just want to take this opportunity to thank you. >> i have to say i was really
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impressed by the applicants and i want to acknowledge and i look forward to going to a punk rock show with you and i'm happy to support the unanimous recommendation of the rules committee today and i want to recognize today she's dedicated the last decade of her life working at glide church a very well-known institution here in san francisco and she has
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showcased and has experienced putting on massive events for glide that require intricate knowledge of how to do neighborhood outreach she demonstrated an ability to bridge the old and new world of san francisco. we also think of entertainment as nightclubs and bars. members of the public who spoke last week
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really. this is a skill set that you need to have if you are going to join the entertainment commissioner. actually the few times i managed to go out now that i'm no longer cool she's always there. she's at music shows and she also is an avid night life participant and so i think she can bring multiple perspectives to the neighborhood seat and finally i just want to say our office is really excited to work with dory and we're so glad you applied. we're really glad that you took up this opportunity and i think you will be an amazing voice on the commission.
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>> sounds like she's a party animal. >> thank you president breed i really strongly support and i think the letters of support are so broad and deep from different communities and entertainment industry folks especially in the nonprofit and community sector i wanted to say it's really great that we had several other well qualified candidates as well i think nick balogne from the richard district hopefully he is considered in the future at some point and tremendous support from quite a few department heads in the city and i'm looking forward to them continuing to apply to other commissions as well and tremendous thanks to him for his tireless work. he was
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extremely hardworking and very insightful and i'll miss him on the entertainment commission but i know he's going to be very active in lifting up communities with his hard work. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president and i'll be supporting him today. he does amazing work and i know will be an asset to the commission and this appointment is actually yet another reminder to me about why i have never served on the rules committee it's unbelievably hard when you have multiple amazing candidates. just really amazing people who all bring different strengths but are all very passionate and
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authentically so and i want to thank the rules committee for having to really sometimes make a painful decision to say no to qualified candidates but i know dory is going to do a terrific job and i'm pleased to see a lot of high caliber interests and we work closely with both the commissioners and staff on a weekly basis. it's so important to have strong commissioners and this is moving that commission in its ongoing positive direction so i'll be supporting this appointment today. >> thank you. not seeing any other members on the roster colleagues can we take this item without objection this motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk can you please
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call the next item? >> a motion to appoint utuma belfrey to the equal pay advisory board. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. just as supervisor wiener said yes it's a challenge to be on the rules committee when you have very qualified and talented applicants who are applying for a few number of seats and that was the case with the seats for the equal pay advisory board and it was actually kind of nerve racking to actually look at all of these very well qualified candidates i i actually wanted to explain my vote on this one i had wanted to support wendy aragon a woman working in the construction field for a number of years and has had firsthand experience of what it's like to work in the
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field and experience what it's like to have a different kind of pay than male counter parts in the industry and she would be one that knows the industry very well and can do the investigative work but she didn't pass the committee. the person who did pass in her stead was marisa diaz i will vote in favor of her today i found she had great experience was very compelling and a woman can receive equal pay for equal work and i'm happy to support her today and i was very impressed with rachael langston who has been doing similar work as a lawyer and of course utuma
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belfrey utuma belfrey has been practicing as an electrician for 10 years and really doing a lot of work to ensure women are treated well in the industry as well so happy to support all of these 3 woman who are applying for these seats. thank you. >> thank you supervisor. supervisor mar? >> thank you i wanted to echo supervisor wiener's comment in looking at so many great applicants to the different commissions. i did want to say also that i hope that wendy aragon continues to apply i think she would be a tremendous asset to the advisory board and i want to say to the advisory board members being approved today i know that wendy as a leader in the richard
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district and on pay equality issues she hopefully will continue to apply and i hope the rules committee considers her for the future as well. >> thank you very much. supervisor campos? >> thank you madam president i want to say i'm very proud of the incredible people that have come forward to be a part of this. this was created through an ordinance that we passed and the fact that the issue of equal pay for women has garnered the kind of attention it has, it's really exciting to see and i look forward to working closely with this incredible board and i do think that hope that people like wendy aragon and others will be continuing to to to be involved and even meryls, st
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reep stands up at the at the oscars and continues to lead the way. >> i think that was patricia, ar quette that made the speech. >> without objection this motion is adopted nan under unanimously. >> item 16 was considered by the land use and transportation committee at a regular meeting on monday march 2nd and and and was forwarded as a committee report. to . certain building permits with some commercial use shall require the posting of a notice and a a 15-day delay.
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>> supervisor >> supervisor kim. >> thank you president breed colleagues thank you for your consideration. again, i do want to acknowledge and thank supervisor cohen and supervisor wiener and their subsequent cosponsorship and for this ordinance i really believe it's important to provide as much clarity as possible behind the intent of this ordinance. many
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property owners throughout the city started marketing their office as office. they were not able to rent out their property in some cases the landlords let the tenants know this was illegal and landlords made tenants obtain business licenses and when the office heated up again in 2012 and 13 property owners realized they could make more renting and started evicting a resident primarily middle class tenants teachers and grocery story owners who had lived in these
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units as long as as 18 years. i've been working with the planning department to address the loss of housing due to conversion of residential units to to commercial office space. during . since the introduction of our interim controls the planning department responded to the executive directive by developing policies that required a public hearing and the review however this action
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did not include residential units that were not permitted and this action, today our interim role addresses that gap . these controls do the following, one, requiring a notice to be posted the day of permit issuance on the ground floor for major structural work and this work cannot begin for another 15 days giving tenants much needed notice that their building may be converted from residential to commercial. further this ordinance deems any commercial use that has been converted regardless of a permit to be deemed abandoned and finally controls apply to already issued permits. . if
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existing tenants in many of these buildings were evicted it would be difficult for them to find housing in our current rental market. many would have to leave the city in fact there are many tenants that were scared and are tired and have already moved out of san francisco and finding squeezed roommate situations or looking for jobs in areas they can afford to live. however, the property that got the most attention primarily because it was the largest was ten 49 market and i want to acknowledge the mayor's office in particular who worked closely with our